Housing for Canon EOS M5 Camera


Product code:UU-110100

MSRP:JPY  62,800 (TAX not included)

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Housing for Canon EOS M5 camera
Grip integrated type housing. Brought larger shutter lever and easy to feel the shutter from housing shutter lever. Almost all camera features are available to control from the housing. Equipped 1 fiber optic cable socket. The ring arm mount is equipped as standard. Attach strobes or lights on the ring arm on top of ball mounts and then, you can enjoy any lighting position.

Color custom order:

*Basic colors are White Black, and Misty Grey.
Available other colors (with optional fee).


Umi Umi Ports.
Compatible Camera Canon EOS M5 Camera
Material ABS Resin, POM
Depth Rate 60m (196ft)
Size (W)287x(H)176x(D)111mm
Weight Approximately 1,560g / 55.0 oz(Housing body only)

Color Selection

Misty Grey

System Chart

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